I'm bringing sexy back...

Starting on a new me journey. Trying to feel better about myself and comfortable in my own skin again. Things are going great so far.

A little about me:

I'm 26 years young ;) haha I'm very open and honest and hate bullshit. I love to laugh and try to smile every day even through my tears. Laughter really is the best medicine. If you have any questions or just need a friend please dont hesitate to submit your questions or even just share a story.

xoxo Much Love!!

Great News!!

Haven’t posted in awhile but just so happy I thought I would share.

So my boyfriend and I have decided to see if we can have kids.

Got the results yesterday and YES!! We can both have children.

Now to wait a month and then contact my dr. to start on fertility pills and find out the best time to conceive.

I honestly can’t wait. It’s been 7 years since I last got pregnant and was too afraid to try till now.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night!!

Much Love!!! xoxo

**A friendship that bloomed into love**

I can’t believe I fell in love with my best friend.

Always there when I needed him, the past 12 years. He’s made me smile when others brought me down. He’s picked me up when I fell.

Through all my troubles he’s been my shoulder. He seen my heart break and has now added the glue and began fixing the broken pieces.

He’s my rock, my heart, my love.

Can’t picture my life without him. Taking things a day at a time.

I love you babe!

My how our puppy has grown. He’s only 6 months old. In the last picture Duke was giving his dad a high five. He wasn’t taught it either ☺️ Our smart boy ❤️❤️

After 12 years of friendship, through all those ups and downs, now I finally call you Mine! ❤️

You light up my life, even on my darkest of days.

You make me smile with the sweet little things you do.

Who would have thought our friendship would bloom into something full of so much happiness and love.

Sure we piss each other off from time to time but that’s the reason I fell for you in the first place, you’re an asshole(haha 😝 but I’m a bitch right back). No matter how much we argued or disagreed in the end we’ve always found each other.

Taking it a day at a time and enjoying the moments shared with you.

yup yup!!

I love him with all my boobs.

He makes me happy and mad but I don’t want anyone else but him. 

Rainy days…

Damn rainy days sure make a woman moody.

Can’t wait for the hot sunny days where I can just jump in the lake and cool off if it gets too hot.

Or sit at the beach and sip on a cocktail…mmmm…that sounds amazing don’t you think?

First boat ride of the year :)

Our puppy sure hated it lol he was such a big sucky w/ his dad.

It was beautiful on the lake until it was time to come home and the wind picked up :/ A little boat and big waves don’t mix haha

Can’t wait till the lake is warm enough to swim and we can go camping


Feeling like a bitch for feeling/thinking this way but…

Here goes…

I’ve been living with my partner now for 3 months. Things were going great. Things between us are still going great but now we have a little speed bump in our way.

His little cousin, her boyfriend and their daughter(his god-daughter) moved in for a bit. They want to move and we’ve sort of discussed it. We didn’t think they would move in so quickly but days after briefly talking about it they started moving in and gave their notice. 

They keep talking about fixing the house and buying things for the house-yes I’m talking about my partners house. I’ve told them that they are here to save money to move not to fix the house and buy stuff. That we are doing that ourselves.

I’ve tried being nice but they are totally stressing me out. I’ve just spent 500-600 dollars on groceries they gave me 120.00 to help. I’ve cleaned and gave them a couple things to help with and ended up doing them myself because they decided to put it off. 

I’m at the point where I’m tempted to move out. I previously had a house lined up to rent-to-own and I’m really thinking about it.

I’m losing him due to all this added bullshit. Before they moved in I was starting to get better and fix my depression, but now i’m losing it. I’m going to end up snapping soon. 

Does this make me a bad person? Am I wrong for being upset and annoyed?


Celebrating my 33rd birthday xx

(it starts at midnight, you lovely bitches)

Happy Early Birthday to my Beautiful, Amazing and Crazy cuzzy Kyna <3

Hope you have a blast!! 

BBQ Time!!

YES!!! So glad it’s that time of the year to BBQ again :)

Ribs on the bbq and the potato and veggie foil is done.

So can’t wait! My man is a wonderful cook and I’m his beautiful assitant ;) haha

Have a wonderful day/night/morning etc.

Much Love <3 xoxo

I wonder if you miss me-
No, yearn for me
when I’m not there.
Does your heartbeat
quicken when I’m close?
Do you ever get sick
imagining me loving someone
more than you?
Would you love me
as well as I would you?
These morning curiosities
will surely be the death of me.

— These morning curiosities, Anna Blythe (via annablythe)

Beautiful :)

Dating a friend…

What are your views on dating a friend? Just curious as to other peoples views. Can it work?

Beautiful sunrise!

Photo taken outside our home in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Isn’t it just gorgeous :) There is a beaver swimming by too.


So on a dating site a guy inboxed me one word…”moo”.

Ok guys/gals, it did hurt but the first thing to come to mind was; This poor guy took a few seconds outta his life to put down someone for being overweight. How sad is his life?

I know I’m fat. But for some stranger on a dating site (whom had no photos up) to comment about it I just find rude.

I won’t apologize for being overweight because I happen to love myself. Sure there are days when I don’t and I look in the mirror wishing I could be smaller and prettier but I want to be me and no anyone else.

We need to stop judging others for what they look like, how they talk, their color their language etc etc etc.

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